No. Deliverable title Contact person

Global climate/land use/agronomic management and emission scenarios Poornima Nagesh
D3.2 Chemical emission scenarios of urban systems Alizée Desrousseaux
D3.3 Chemical emission scenarios from pest management options Rudrani Gajraj
D4.1 Modelling approaches for fate and uptake of chemicals Taylor Lane
D4.2 Crop uptake models and human exposure models Prof. Benny Chefetz
D4.3 Exposure modelling framework for estimating effects of environmental change on chemical exposure in river basins and drinking waters John Hader
D4.4 Future ecological and human exposure scenarios
D5.1 Comparison of sensitivity and vulnerability to climate change and chemical stress Markus Hermann
D5.2 New framework to assess the vulnerability to chemicals Francesco Polazzo
D5.3 EU-level chemical vulnerability maps and scenarios Francesco Polazzo
D5.4 New framework to assess resilience of microbial communities to chemical stress Dr. Anna Sobek
D5.5 Chemical effects on microbial ecological functions Dr. Anna Sobek
D5.6 New modelling framework to assess the combined effects of chemical and GC stressors Annika Mangold-Döring
D5.7 Validated ecological models Annika Mangold-Döring
D6.1 Draft risk assessment model (Bayesian network) for agricultural chemicals developed for one of the case study regions Sophie Mentzel
D6.2 Prioritisation of pharmaceutical pollutants by environmental risk Sam Welch
D6.3 Robust implementation of mitigation strategies Joanke van Dijk