John Hader – ESR6 – Stockholm University

Development of an exposure modelling framework for estimating the exposure of emerging chemicals in river basins, aquatic organisms under different scenarios (WP4)

John Hader is an atmospheric scientist with a BSc degree in Meteorology and an MSc degree in Atmospheric Science, both from N.C. State University in North Carolina, USA. John’s master’s work focused on using remote sensing and numerical weather model data to investigate the variability of marine stratocumulus clouds over the southeast Atlantic Ocean.

After completing his master’s degree, John worked for two and a half years as an environmental consultant with the professional services firm ICF in North Carolina. There, he conducted fate, transport, and exposure modelling for a wide range of environmental pollutants with the U.S. EPA and other government agencies. This modelling was used in support of setting environmental policy, such as the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for criteria pollutants and reviews of emissions of persistent, bioaccumulative hazardous air pollutants for the EPA’s Risk and Technology Review.

In April of 2019, John began work on a PhD in Environmental Science in the Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry at Stockholm University. His project within the ECORISK2050 Innovative Training Network will focus on the development of a novel exposure modelling framework for investigating human and ecological exposure to agricultural chemicals and chemicals from pharmaceuticals and personal care products under different environmental change scenarios, with a focus on river catchments and drinking water sources.

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ECORISK2050 publications

Roth, S. K., Hader, J. D., Domercq, P., Sobek, A., & MacLeod, M. (2023). Scenario-based modelling of changes in chemical intake fraction in Sweden and the Baltic Sea under global change. Science of The Total Environment, 164247.

Hader, John D., Taylor Lane, Alistair BA Boxall, Matthew MacLeod, and Antonio Di Guardo. Enabling forecasts of environmental exposure to chemicals in European agriculture under global change. Science of The Total Environment (2022): 156478.