Alizée Desrousseaux – ESR2 – York University

Scenarios for chemical emissions in urban systems over time (WP3)

Alizée Desrousseaux is an environmental toxicologist with a BBA of Environmental Management from the SKEMA Business School (Sophia Antipolis, France), a BSc of Environmental Science from the Australian Catholic University (Sydney, Australia), and an MSc of Toxicology and Environmental Health from Utrecht University (Utrecht, the Netherlands).

During her master, Alizée did research at the Institute of Risk Assessment (IRAS, Utrecht) on the migration and invasion of uterus cancer cells in the presence of healthy endometrium cells in 2D and 3D in vitro models during 9 months. During her internship she developed a strong background in molecular biology, human toxicology and uses of fluorescence dye.

Alizée also did research during 6 months at the Institute of the Sea (ICM-CSIC) in Barcelona where she studied the effect of temperature and acidification on the feeding behaviour of mussels and clams. She learned how to conduct feeding behaviour analysis, immunology and histology on two bivalve species and how to mimic an aquatic environment in close chamber.

Since May 2019, Alizée is a PhD candidate in the department of Environment and Geography at the University of York (United-Kingdom). Her project within the ECORISK2050 Innovative Training Network will focus on the modelisation of urban chemical pollution in aquatic environment. She will integrate future global changes specific to urban environment (demographic change, climate change, technological change) to her model to be able to develop mitigation strategies for an healthy urban environment in 2050.


Desrousseaux, A., Nagesh, P., Gajraj, R., Dekker, S., Eitzinger, J., Sallach, J. B., Boxall, A., & Kok, K. (2022). A shared socio-economic pathway based framework for characterising future emissions of chemicals to the natural environment. Futures, 103040.

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