ECORISK2050 meeting in Rehovot, Israel

  From 05-09 January 2020, the second meeting of the ECORISK2050 project was held at the Rehovot campus from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. We started our time in Israel with an interesting trip to Jerusalem on Sunday, where we had a guided tour around the fascinating old city. For many of us it…

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AQUACOSM summer school 2019

Freshwater mesocosms as tools for gauging ecological consequences of climatic and chemical change Between June the 30th and July the 13th Francesco Polazzo (ESR8) participated in the summer school funded by AQUACOSM, which took place at Silwood park (Imperial College, London). Using the campus’ mesocoms facility, equipped with 96 freshwater pond mesocosms, sixteen lucky participants…

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